Foot Care


Personal independence and comfort can be greatly affected by foot pain and problems. Solution…Our professional foot care specialist will assess your foot problems and provide professional foot care that is tailored to your unique needs. Pharmasave Foot Care Clinic…Our Foot Care Clinic offers Basic, Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care Management by a licensed practical or registered nurse certified in professional foot care. Services…Help is available for a wide range of foot-related problems, including arthritis, ankle, knee and back pain, bunions, calluses, corns, CMT, carpal tunnel syndrome, circulatory problems, diabetic ulcers, fallen arches, hammer toes, heel pain, metatarsalgia, infections, plantar’s warts, plantar fasciitis, polio, sports/traumatic injuries and other biomechanical disordersBook an appointment with our foot care specialist for a thorough clinical foot health assessment that includes: Nursing Assessment Nail cutting and filing Corn and Callous care Ingrown toenail care Skin/Wound care. Diabetic Sensation Testing.


Pharmasave Professional Foot Care Clinics
Services provided by our Certified Foot Care Professionals


(Michelle Petitpas, LPN. Wolfville/Canning/Hantsport)

Fee: $. At home service is available by appointment (for patients with limited mobility) within a 10 kilometer radius of either store.

Fee: $.Persons served pay directly for services at the time they are performed, unless covered by private medical insurance plans through which direct billing is allowed.

To make an appointments please contact the Pharmasave location nearest you.

Foot Care:

Your feet endure a lot of pressure everyday making them more vulnerable to injury and various problems. Diabetics in particular are in danger of more complications. Foot care management in the elderly can be an increasingly difficult task. Decreased vision, decreased strength in the hands, arthritis and changes in the skin of the feet are issues that present a challenge as one ages. Hammer toes, bunions, fungal infections of the nails, ingrown toe nails are all conditions that have to be kept in check. Therefore a foot assessment by a qualified foot care nurse can be a major step in maintaining good health. For more information on foot care and what a foot care treatment entails please contact our foot care nurse.

Compression Fitting:

Compression hose can benefit various conditions such as:

· Tired, aching legs from long periods of sitting or standing
· The build up of fluid in the lower ankle and leg
· Varicose veins
· Chronic Venous Insufficiency
· Deep Vein Thrombosis

We provide custom fittings for compression socks by request.

Such problems can occur at any age in both men and women. Certain factors increase the risk of venous problems including injury, heredity, pregnancy, health conditions and lifestyle. Compression hose come in various levels of compression as well as various styles and colours for both men and women.

Please contact your physician for advice on whether compression hose would be suitable for you. Some levels of compression require a written prescription from your physician.