What is a Medication Review?
A medication review is a review of all prescribed, over the counter and complementary medications (such as herbal products) undertaken to reduce the risk of drug interactions and side effects to ensure the therapy is working properly for you. You may arrange an appointment with one of our pharmacists to have a review carried out for you or someone you are caring for.

What are Compliance Packs?
The elderly account for over 12% of Canada’s population and use over 25% of all prescriptions dispensed. Unfortunately, many have problems taking their medications properly. Medication compliance packs are ideal for those who have difficulty in remembering to take the proper medication at the proper time. The package contains all the oral solid medications arranged to when they should be taken during the day(breakfast, lunch, supper and bedtime). Our pharmacy staff will be pleased to discuss this option with you.

I am hosting a heath event and would like someone to speak.
Our pharmacists are available to speak on a wide range of issues such as drug interactions, cholesterol, menopause and diabetes to name a few. Contact any member of our dispensary staff who would be pleased to assist you in finding the appropriate speaker.

Services at your Cochrane’s Pharmasave

  • Blood Collection
    – At home or in-store
    – See Home Health Care section for hours
  • Compliance Packaging
  • All Medical Plans accepted
  • INR Testing
  • Monthly Blood Pressure & Glucose clinics
  • Menopause Discussion Groups
  • Public Information Sessions
  • Color photocopying services