There are several reasons why pharmacists compound prescription medications. If allergic to dyes or preservatives, the pharmacist working with your doctor, can prepare a product to suit your needs. If swallowing a tablet is a problem, several unique delivery systems can be used to enable you to take the medication more easily. If a product is not palatable, flavorings can be used to improve the taste. If a medication is not commercially available we can often make it. At our Pharmasave locations we offer services that help our clients live in comfort, health and wellness.

As members of PCCA, our pharmacists and technicians are exceptionally skilled in compounding techniques and use only the highest quality base ingredients for our specialty medication solutions.
Pharmacy Compounding Centres of America (PCCA). PCCA is an international compounding organization that provides ongoing compounding training, ingredients and medical research information to all of its members.

  • We compound specialty formulations in our Wolfville store location and are able to deliver  these products to customers from any of our eight-store locations.
  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to alleviate symptoms caused by the natural decrease in production of hormones to the body.
    – For more information on Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.



Prior to booking an appointment we request you complete the Medical History Hormone Evaluation form. We would request the form be returned at least one week prior to the appointment.

Complete the form print and return (click here for form)

To book an appointment phone 1-902-542-3624 to meet with our live-well hormone specialist, Hilary. We also prepare:

  • Preservative or dye free preparations for persons with sensitivities.
  • Pain management therapies to help keep your pain under control.
  • Veterinary medicine for the pet in your family with special needs.
  • Symptom control therapies in end of life situations.
  • Home IV solutions and ophthalmic preparations.


jamie compounding

  • *We have the capability to meet your unique needs.
  • Custom pain management solutions as referred by your family physician.
  • *Custom IV solutions as referred from physician or for those individuals being discharged from hospital but continuing IV support.


  • Prepare medications in dosage forms that best suit your needs. Medications can be put in different forms such as creams, suppositories, troches, lozenges, lollipops.
  • Preparation of medications that are dye and preservative free.
  • Flavoring is available for most liquid medications.
  • House pets to farm animals can benefit from compounding and the finished product can be flavored with a favorite treat.

Call today to ask about your custom compounded prescription solutions (902) 542-3624.